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LINES S MAIN ST & WAUGHTOWN ST (APRIL 2019) The 2019 WSLP explores the relationship between urban development/gentrification and the individuals and neighborhoods it effects. The installation of partial homes are outlines in light and represent the ghosts of the communities that have been demolished to make way for urban redevelopment projects. >>Read More
MCX MILLENNIUM CENTER (APRIL 2018) The New Year will bring the 10th year of The Winston Salem Light Project and the 100th anniversary of the Treaty of Versailles. The WSLP will return to the site of its inaugural success, The Millennium Center, and the student artists involved will explore universal themes surrounding war. >>Read More
REFLECTIONS MERSCHEL PLAZA (APRIL 2017) The 2017 WSLP public art project, explores the conception of time through light and projected images. Inspired by the novel, Einsten’s Dreams, this year’s light project examines five theorized approaches to the phenomena of time, relativity, and their human relationships. >>Read More
ALUVIO CHERRY STREET TUNNEL (APRIL 2016) The 2016 WSLP invites the exploration of hidden urban spaces. The tunnel beneath Cherry Street will flow with lush colors in light and sound. An environmental soundscape will reinforce this subtle movement of light and color creating an island of calm reflection in this Public Park. >>Read More
BUILDER'S CABIN OLD SALEM A collaboration with old salem to commemorate the 250th anniversary of the day the builder's house was occupied. At sunset every night for the next year the structure will come alive with light from the hearth representing the life affirming center of this home. >> Read More
WHITE HOUSE WASHINGTON, DC (OCTOBER 2015) WSLP was honored to participate in the this years white house halloween event. it was the first time the white house was projection mapped. The event was opened to the families of active military and local children this year event saw 5000 visitors. >> Read More
 ARTERY WINSTON-SALEM STROLLWAY (SPRING 2014) The 2014 installation seeks to reveal the hidden movement that defines our world. Spanning a half-mile along the Winston-Salem Strollway, the interactive installation transforms the path into a series of arches that mirror the movement of pedestrians and bikers in and out of the city center. >>Read More
TERRA LUNA FIRST BAPTIST CHURCH (SPRING 2015 - APRIL 18 - 25) The 2015 Winston-Salem Light Project explored outer and inner space in a tribute to the genius of Jules Verne. Our project explored the path to innovation that runs through the limitless human imagination uniting art, science and religion in the quest for knowledge and understanding. >>Read More
 LUMANOTUS WINSTON SQUARE PARK (NOVEMBER 2012 ) The 2012 project came alive with large inflatables animated with projection and state of the art lighting. Guests were invited to explore the interiors and exteriors of the inflatables as they redefined our perception of space and the relationship of monumental forms in the urban environment. >>Read More
 ENERGIZING CITY LIFE STEVENS CENTER (NOVEMBER 2011) The 2011 Light Project used the Stevens Center as it's canvas. The design team presented a series compositions that exhibited the energy a city can provide, and the many forms that energy can take. >>Read More
 URBAN REVELATIONS DOWNTOWN WINSTON-SALEM (NOVEMBER 2010 ) The 2010 project continually put the viewer into the art, the city and the industry. Just as humans create a world, subjective and personal, universal and extrinsic, so light creates a world of infinite and revealing reflection. >>Read More
 REIMAGINING RESOURCES PEPPER BUILDING (NOVEMBER 2009) The 2009 project projected images onto the Pepper building with inspiration provided by issues of resource use and population growth. Four students visually interpreted the mind numbing statistics we encounter daily concerning these issues. >>Read More
 CELEBRATION OF ART AND LIGHT MILLENNIUM CENTER (NOVEMBER 2008) The 2008 project conceived to powerfully demonstrate the importance of light as an artistic medium in our urban contexts, with inspiration provided by the works of significant artists. >>Read More
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